Make this milkshake at home with a free DIY kit available through Postmates.
Make this milkshake at home with a free DIY kit available through Postmates.
Courtesy of Hunter Public Relations

Celebrate Summer With a Free Miami-Inspired Milkshake Kit Through Postmates

Summer will officially begin Wednesday, June 21. Even though many of us have dealt with Miami's scorching heat for weeks, we'll never turn down a reason to celebrate. How does a free milkshake sound? There's one catch, though. You have to make it yourself.

Lactaid, a national brand that specializes in dairy without the lactose, is partnering with the milkshake masters at New York City's New Territories to deliver gluttonous milkshake kits with Lactaid milk and ice cream.

Because there isn't enough time to hop on a plane and visit New Territories for a premade shake, order a free Miami-inspired Sun & Surf milkshake kit through Postmates.

Beginning at 1 p.m., kits will be available for order and include Lactaid milk and vanilla ice cream, along with a selection of toppings, such as flamingo lollipops, chocolate syrup, and fruit slice candies. Deliveries will be made across the greater Miami area and are totally free — the delivery fees are on Lactaid. There are 700 kits up for grabs.

"Sun & Surf is a nod to the beach and tropical feel of Miami," a Lactaid rep says. "The graham cracker resembles sand, umbrella picks resemble beach umbrellas, flip-flop and flamingo lollipops are reminders of the beach and warm weather, and fruit slice gummy candies allude to the tropical feel."

Customers must be available to receive the order to ensure freshness.

"Postmates' couriers will be armed with coolers for the milk and ice cream, which will be placed into custom insulated tote bags," the Lactaid rep says. "That'll also contain the rest of their milkshake kit ingredients."

Customers will also receive a recipe card outlining the ingredients and directions that explain how to create the milkshake.

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