Free #$%*! Ice Cream!!!

The "Ice Cream Man" a.k.a. Matt Allen is a dude who rolls around the country in an old van named Mitch giving away free ice cream. We caught up with him at O.H.W.O.W Gallery (Our House West of Wynwood) on NW 7th Ave and 32 Street during a Basel week party. There were several hundred people there and free booze, but the people could not deny their hunger for gumball eyed pink panthers, or a cool, refreshing chipwich .

Allen is from Long Beach and for the last four years he's given away ice cream donated by an Iowa Company, Wells Dairy Inc., according to the Austin American Statesman. He's served stars like Rhianna and Chris Brown, as well as Sam Beam of Iron and Wine.

He stores his frozen wares on dry ice, so each goodie comes with a warning, give it a second before you lick it or your lip could get stuck.  Why does he do it? "Just tryna make people happy."

Ice Cream Man, we salute you.

Jacob Katel

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