Free Drinks at the Key Largo Food & Wine Fest Kickoff Party at Tradewinds Liquors

To paraphrase Friday, one of the funniest comedies of 1995, 'I know you don't go to the Keys. I know this. But I'mma get you drunk for free. 'Cause it's almost Friday, you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do.'

The Key Largo Food & Wine Festival runs from July 31 - August 9 and is offering 10 days of cooking demos, free drinks, tastings, signings, smokings, art, sunsets, diving, shopping, and classes.

It all kicks off this Friday from 4 - 7 p.m. at Tradewinds Liquors in South Key Largo (hey it's 305, it ain't that far) with free wine, free Leblon Cachaca caipirinhas, and free cheese, fruit and sandwiches.

Here's what Tradewinds owner Esther Thaler had to say....

"We're going to have at least 8 different wines that you can taste for free, and there will be plenty to go around. We'll also have Leblon Cachaca, it's Brazilian. We're going to have a person showing how to make different types of drinks. Cachaca is used in caipirinhas, they're delicious and very similar to a mojito. Leblon is coming out with different ways to make caipirinhas with fruits like kiwi and strawberries to make it more diverse and contemporary.

It's going to be a casual atmosphere, but very lively, the great thing is our store is right next to Publix, but a lot of people don't even know we're here, so the event gives them a chance to see us and come over, and come back. It's going to be great, like a happy hour, but this one you don't have to pay for.

There are people who are afraid to try wines, this is the opportunity for them to get educated about what's out there and let people know we're here to help them. We pride ourselves in ordering and locating specific wines for people if we don't have them. We're a full service liquor store with wine and mixers and everything. We have an excellent and friendly staff, which is something you just don't get at the big supermarket stores.

This is the second year of the Key Largo Food and Wine Festival and this is our second year participating."

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