Free Cereal and Granola Bars: Kashi Two-Bite Challenge an Utter, Pathetic Failure (Video)

Kashi beats us over the head with wholesomeness in just about every one of its resplendent ads. The commercials are full of happy, healthy people blurting their sunshiny message of "seven whole grains on a mission!"

When we see 'em, we usually sigh so hard our jelly rolls jiggle. Well, jelly rolls jiggle no more! We took Kashi's Two-Bite Challenge and ordered the Cinnamon Harvest cereal to see whether the 100 percent organic fanfare is really something to shout about.

Our itsy-bitsy box arrived in about a week, which is pretty good considering it was completely gratis. We filled our tiniest bowl with the stuff, poured over some milk, and took the first bite.

The wheat became sodden with milk almost immediately. The three mouthfuls it took to finish this box was akin to eating soggy twigs. The cinnamon flavor was more of a brackish-earthy breath on the cereal than any flavor of cinnamon we've ever experienced. In short, the negligible amount of cereal was just enough to hold us over until we could eat a more satisfying breakfast a few minutes later.

Though we are sure other Kashi products are delicious and whatnot, the Kashi Two-Bite Challenge flops as miserably as a dying wet carp.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.