Kendall may not be known as a culinary mecca, but we know a lot of Miami lives out there, and y'all have a passion for eating.

So it is with great pleasure that we present you with the opportunity to get a free appetizer at Romano's Macaroni Grill (12100 SW 88th St.). All you have to do is go to their website and sign up for email alerts. First you'll get a a confirmation e-mail and then a free app one. Joining their e-mail list will also put you on their radar for other meal deals. As always, be aware of the information you transmit via the internet because it's probably being bought, sold, or made public.

Appetizers range in price from $6.29 to $9.99. If you're like me and want to maximize your dollar's reach go for the Sizzling Cioppino, which comes with "scallops, clams and baby shrimp served in a cast-iron skillet with zesty tomato broth and garlic bread." It's the most expensive appetizer on the menu.

Any questions? Call The Grill at 305-270-0621

Free Appetizer at Romano's in Kendall

Update: Just got my free appetizer coupon by e-mail. Here are the dissappointing details. You only get the free appetizer if you buy two entrees, with a $9 maximum appetizer price. Enjoy.

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