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Franky's Deli Warehouse: Flo Rida Approved

Facing I-75, in a nondescript location surrounded by warehouses, lies a delicious deli that you probably haven't heard of before. Franky's Deli Warehouse in Hialeah is a place that you have to know about to find. Once you arrive, warm faces, meat waiting to be sliced and Cannabis Energy Drinks by the register eagerly greet you. We can't believe we didn't get it at first glance, but this deli is the perfect place for a hip hop superstar.

Now that you know about it, what do you get? Placing sandwich orders by number is an art form. We decided to start at the beginning and order their most popular sandwich, which is the number one. This italian sub comes complete with ham, capicola, salami and provolone. In a video with the Franky he explains that the Italian meats come from Chicago, the Jewish cuts from New York and the meat for the Latin style sandwiches come from right here in Miami.

If you think that you are done with the ordering after saying two words, "Number one," you are mistaken. A laundry list of items are coming, "Lettuce, onion, pickles?" "Olives, hot peppers, sweet peppers?" "Mayo, mustard, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper?" We said yes to it all, our head never stops nodding. And just when we think we are home free, bread choice and "Hot or cold?" rear their Boar's head. After we complete the ordering act, we get asked if it is our first time and as a reward we are given a yellow frequent buyer punch card and a confident warning follows, "You will be back."

When the #1 arrives the bread is hot and crunchy, the cheese is melted, and the full plethora of toppings have worked their way in. We got the small ($4.50), but we still got the satisfaction of two halves of a sandwich. If you want more, a large is only $7.50. One bite in and we are grateful that we were warned, because there is no question that we will be back.

The sweet peppers, hot peppers and black olives add so much to this particular sandwich. The ingredients are all fresh and the sandwich tastes like it is made with so much love. We are not just saying that, it is a husband and wife team who run Franky's. Simply, it is just a great, reasonably priced deli.

We leave feeling full and like we just stumbled on to a great hidden and locals only spot. Although visits to their social media pages show that this place is frequented by those who really matter: hip hop stars. Our very own native sons, Flo-Rida and Billy Blue are regulars.

We aren't sure if it is the hidden location, the great service, the high quality of sandwiches at reasonable prices or the appeal of possibly running into hip hop royalty that makes us love Franky's Deli, but the formula absolutely works. We won't think about it too much. After all, we imagine Franky to say, "Relax and eat a sandwich."

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Carina Ost