Four Tips for a Perfect Juice Cleanse

Most of us have been stuffing our faces and beating up our livers for the past month or so. These facts combined with the pressure to choose a New Year's resolution make this time of year a particularly busy one for the body detox industry.

There are all sorts of capsules, bottled concoctions, and powders you can buy that promise to help you shed the pounds that have crept up on you over the holiday season. But in my opinion, the best cleanse is one that is done with water, plant foods, and raw organic juices, which you can make fresh in your juicer at home or purchase at a juice bar. (No, Tropicana and Welch's are not juice-cleanse approved!) The energy you get from these sources is pure, organic, and powerful, in contrast to the strange bottles of "detox" sludge that often contain a host of chemical preservatives, fillers, and artificial colors and flavors.

When you drink raw organic juice in lieu of solid food, you save your body the energy it normally expends during digestion. Your body can then redirect this surplus of energy toward healing and improved organ function. The raw vegan juices also supply a highly-concentrated dose of phytonutrients and immune-boosting antioxidants. This is why many people who suffer from auto-immune diseases, cancer, and other maladies are able to heal without drugs when they make juice fasting part of their therapy. This is why I think of juice cleansing as a gift to the health of your internal organs, where the loss of impacted food weight and excess fat is a welcome side effect.

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Camille Lamb Guzman is a journalist who writes on wellness, travel, and culture. She is also finishing a book of creative nonfiction.