Four Best Things to Eat and Drink In Miami This Weekend

We have three little words for you: Three. Day. Weekend.

We've been on this grind since Monday -- and let's face it -- the week's been rough. The early mornings, the lack of sleep, the grilling boss... But sometimes all it takes is a swig or four of an ice cold mojito to make it all better. We've got everything lined up from Friday's happy hour to farmers markets to Cuban festivals.

Remember: Three day weekend. Rejoice, relax, and rehydrate with all the booze you can handle.


De Rodriguez Cuba Happy Hour: Few things are better than happy hour on a Friday after work. Even fewer things are greater than happy hour on a Friday after work with food. That's why it needs to be spent at De Rodriguez Cuba on Ocean, where you can get your beachside fine Cuban fix, and good food, to boot. (Did you see what we did there?) Enjoy the "5 at 5" special where mojitos and sangria are just 5 bucks. Tasty tapas will cost you the same, but beware. The pork belly skewers are addictive.


Normandy Village Marketplace: One of the most petite markets of the weekend bunch, Normandy Village Marketplace will be sure to keep you busy Saturday morning. The flowers are fresh, and the fruit is ripe. Oh, and those empanadas? Yeah, they're delicious. Stock up on your incense and sip on a smoothie. Maybe pick out a boho necklace or a new sarong? We live in Miami for Christ's sake. These things are a reality to us everyday.


PALO! Cuban Pig Out: If you turn down anything with the words "Cuban" and "pig" in it, you're doing it wrong. At Sunday's festival, you can expect music, dancing, Palo's Afro-Cuban funk, and, of course, booze. Admission will cost you $10 bucks and the party starts at 6 p.m. Remember, Sunday is like Saturday -- because you don't have to work the next day.


Miami Spice: Technically, you can Miami Spice any day during the week, and visit select locations during the weekends. But, you've been schlepping your daily routine from home to work, and work to home, and it's time you treat yourself. Take advantage of the day of liberty and visit a Miami Spice spot for lunch. Indulge. Work starts back up again the next day, so take full advantage.

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