Four Best Things to Eat and Drink in Miami This Weekend

One of the greatest things about living in the city of Miami is that there is rarely a dull moment -- and if one ticks by, it's usually self-induced. Whether you're checking out the newest local band or perusing a gallery with a new collection on its walls, there is plenty to do.

What good would this be, though, if you couldn't satisfy your basic needs? We've put together a weekly list for the happy hour lover, the brunch fiend, and, of course, the low-key Sunday's BFF.

Check out the four best things to eat and drink in our magical city this weekend.


Two for One Wine & Beer: Hey, listen: There is no such thing as shame or blame when it comes to throwing a few back on a Friday night at happy hour. The work week was rough. Sure, Labor Day gave us a break, but still. Fitting 5 days' worth of work into 4 is like putting a 10-pound sausage in a 5-pound casing -- things are gonna be tight. Enjoy a two-fer special and imagine the weekend rolling in as smoothly as the wine goes down. You'll be grateful you did.


Miami Spice: Three more weeks, people. It sounds like a lot but if you really take into account how many restaurants offer the Miami Spice menu, the few months that its offered really leave no time to waste. What would you be doing on a Saturday night, anyway? Sure, the Afrobeta show's tonight. But hell, they have to eat, too. Tote by some leftovers -- maybe they'll pull you up on stage.

Sugarcane Saturday Brunch: You likely need to soak up all the alcohol you consumed at last night's Calvin Harris show at LIV. Am I right? Don't nod - silence is an answer enough. Saturday brunch is probably one of the biggest treats, like, ever, so why not take advantage that your makeup (somehow) still hasn't faded and that I-was-up-all-night-dancing hair is too good to waste on an omelet at home. Let the chefs at Sugarcane take care of the cooking for you.


Backyard Boogie: No, no, Backyard Boogie has nothing to do with abuelita getting jiggy with it (good thing, too, because that just would've made us nauseous.) The perfect way to end an eventful weekend is not lounging around Sunday night, thinking about Monday morning's work load. Fuck that. You still have a few hours of freedom to spend at Wood with burgers, ribs, music, and friends. And booze. Would you like to start the "do it" chant or should we?

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