Forget About Tampa. Eat in Miami.

Somehow, Tampa, Florida thinks it is a cosmopolitan city. That town by the bay up north, full of pasty midwesterners, plans to try and break a food truck record this weekend.

Not long ago, they attempted to reinvent the Cuban sandwich.(As if any self-respecting Cuban would travel to Tampa to experience la patria.) The place actually considers itself a mecca for independent restaurants.(I mean, do they have anything but a Chili's there?)

Anyway, today is Screw Tampa day on Short Order. We are going to do our usual posts about the Miami food scene, and in addition, we are going to prove that Tampa -- and that other pathetic town on the beach -- are not a place to even think about eating.

So tune back in occasionally today to discover why Tampa -- in a culinary sense at least -- sucks.

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