Food Trucks Compete in Tobacco Road Breakfast Cook-Off February 4

Everyone knows food trucks meet at Tobacco Road every first Saturday of the month, but February 4 is different because the trucks will convene to celebrate National Hot Breakfast Month.

It's good to see that some people are taking unofficial food holidays seriously.

Twelve trucks will compete for the title of breakfast challenge winner and bragging rights. The victor also gets to put a cool sticker on their truck, marking their status as master of the food-truck-breakfast domain.

What the trucks will basically do is take some items from their menu and turn them into breakfast.

Competitors will be judged by food Miami bloggers BurgerBeast and Fatgirl Hedonist, and a reader chosen by BurgerBeast in the week of January 23.

Coolhaus, one of the newest members on the food truck scene, will be out there turning and churning its ice-cream sandwiches into breakfast creations. Sugar Rush will be there too. "The idea is to take an existing great product and make it even tastier by adding more fresh ingredients and incepting a breakfast staple to help marry both concepts," says Emmanuel Garcia Coll of Coolhaus.

They will take their brown-butter bacon ice cream and place it inside a freshly made waffle, topped with strips of applewood-smoked bacon and accompanied by natural maple syrup on the side for dipping.

Tobacco Road's DJ Oski Gonzalez will host the event, as always, and there will be live entertainment and games. Local singer-songwriter Nil Lara will perform in the cabaret.

Mark your calendar for February 4 and come be the judge of the best food truck breakfast at Tobacco Road.

The event starts at 6 p.m., but you can get breakfast anytime. Ice-cream sandwiches for breakfast? Very nice.

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