Food News Roundup: Paula Deen Ham, Kardashian Bikini, Celebrities Eat, Sobe Wine & Food, Ricky Williams and BK

  • Paula Deen hit in face with flying ham, "another bout of public humiliation after the Wine and Beach Festival at Miami, when her pants fell off in public." Yeah, we broke that story, but we can't find video of this one that's as good as that one. [ThaIndian] [HamVideo] [PantsFallDown]
  • Kim Kardashian new bikini photos taken in Miami to promote Quick Trim diet supplement. [Examiner]
  • Drew Barrymore, Jamie Foxx, Hank Azaria, Avril Lavigne, Alex Rodriguez, Rihanna, Emilio Estefan, and the president of Haiti all seen recently eating and drinking in Miami on the beach, and the Design District. [Herald]
  • You can buy SOBE Bucks for $250, $500, or $1,000 to purchase tickets for South Beach Wine & Food events, even sold out ones. [Dotnet]
  • Sparano makes sure that anytime there are Miami Dolphins team functions that there is "Ricky Food" there for Williams. [Herald]
  • Burger King franchisees in fight with Miami-based parent corporation about price of double cheeseburger. [AP]

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