Food News Roundup: Octopus, Food Stamps, Charity, Smeraldina, Kraft Cuba, and Banned Foods

  • A kid eats octopus in Miami, his mom writes a book. Foodie parents. [DailyNewsOnline]
  • Miami based Burger King corp running one dollar hollers in the burger war of 09'. [BaltimoreSun]
  • AP report say Miami is one of the U.S. cities with largest income gaps, and nationwide foodstamp usage jumped 13 percent last year to 9.8 million households. [AssociatedPress]
  • Catholics in Iowa pay to assemble meals that will get trucked to Miami before being shipped to Haiti. [THonline]
  • Miami to open a distribution center for Sardinian water from Acqua Smeraldina. [CarriageTradePR]
  • Buenos Aires governor in Miami for Conference of the Americas comments on 40 day armed conflict at Kraft Food Company plant in Pacheco, Buenos Aires, Argentina. [BuenosAiresHerald]
  • University of Florida "authority on Cuban agriculture" says Cuba could solve their food crisis "in a minute, with the stroke of a pen." [TheDay]
  • Alison Austin, CEO of the Belafonte Tacolcy Center, talks to a California paper about banning donuts, sodas, and sugary items from the office. [SanLuisObispo]

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