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Food News Roundup: Meatballs, Burger King, Drug Lords, Tourism, and Cuban Food Stamps

  • Steve Martorano from his namesake cafe in Lauderdale didn't win Meatball Madness up in NYC, but it looks like the festival went off pretty well anyway. [NewYorkTimes]
  • Crispin Porter & Bogusky hired four new employees. Get ready for more craptastic ads. Maybe even for Burger King. [NewYorkTimes]
  • Burger King's new "20/20" initiative sees a mass interior redesign for their restaurants to compete in the fast-casual market. [GlobeAndMail]
  • Lourdes Mederos moved from Miami to Colorado. Now former drug lords regale her with ceviche recipes while they sit locked up in super maximum security prison. [DenverPost]
  • blogger says that the Miami Herald says that services and food are not yet up to par for a massive tourist influx in Cuba. [About]
  • Lakewood Ranch chef on his way to Miami to compete in Fifth Annual Chef for the Americas Cup competition. [Herald-Tribune]
  • Radio personalities from Miami and around the country travel to Haiti to help feed the poor. [ReliefWeb]
  • Former finance minister of Cuba, now a professor at FIU, thinks negatively of a plan to get rid of food ration books. [KMPH]

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