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Food News Roundup: Junk Food, Burger King, Passover, and Dream Water

  • "Scientists in Florida say overeaters are addicted to junk food in the same way drug addicts are addicted to cocaine and heroin." [AllHeadlineNews]
  • "Project Downtown, an organization that started about two years ago in Miami and now has branches other U.S. cities," continues feeding the homeless. [VOAnews]
  • Burger King stock goes up, investors make predictions based on double cheeseburger sales. [BusinessWeek]
  • Hotels around the world find a cash cow in Jewish Passover tourism, and the Fontainebleau is in on the action. [TheAtlantic]
  • Pasco County Florida considers new food and beverage tax to fund homelessness relief efforts, look to Miami-Dade as a success story. [WTSP]
  • Dream Water from Miami part of the new wave of "relaxation beverages" on the market whose effects are opposite to energy drinks. [WallStreetJournal]
  • Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter arrested in a fast food parking lot for DUI. [NBCsports]

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Jacob Katel
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