Food News Roundup: Dole Money, Bad Seed, Spin Fry, Cookie Diet, Algae Fuel, Wolfie Cohen, and Starchefs

  • Michael Carter, Dole's Executive Vice President and General Counsel said of a Miami judge's ruling that Dole won't have to pay Nica farmworkers $97 million, "The Court's ruling indicates that corruption and a total lack of due process is the norm for the Nicaragua judicial system." [RTTnews]
  • CSI Miami's "Bad Seed" episode has rural America talking. [FoodSafetyNews]
  • Dynamic Response Group has secured worldwide design, develop, market, and distribution for the commercial version of the Spin Fryer, "the most revolutionary food preparation product to hit the consumer and commercial market in the last 30 years." [EarthTimes]
  • Miami cookie doctor sparks an industry full of copycats, but he is still the Cookie Diet king. [HeraldTribune]
  • The race for algae fuel is in full effect, as long as the algae lives in places not needed for food crops. [LegalBrief]
  • David Sax, deli author, was shaped by early experience at Wolfie Cohen's Rascal House on Miami Beach. [ABC]
  • Chef Giancarla Bodini of Escopazzo is a finalist in Starchefs.com World Pasta Day competition. [PRweb]

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