Food News Roundup: Burger King, Seattle's Best, South Beach Thai, Sea Hunter, and Haiti

  • Miami's own Burger King will kill its BK Joe brand to start selling Seattle's Best, a Starbucks company, at 7,250 BK's around the U.S. [MarketWatch]
  • Chef Michael Harr, former executive corporate chef for Miami-based Celebrity Cruises, will now work for Gaylord National Convention Center in Washington D.C. [WashingtonPost]
  • Chef James Boyle, who learned to cook from his mom at her South Beach Thai restaurant, will take over the kitchen of Raleigh, North Carolina's famous Duck & Dumpling. [NewsObserver]
  • Sea Hunter, a ship loaded with 150 tons of food and supplies donated by the people of Maine, is headed to Haiti, if it can ever get out of Miami. [FoxMaine]
  • Despite billions of dollars raised, and many food distribution centers currently operating, supply donations are collecting dust in storage, and major aid organizations refuse to account for where and how the money has been spent. [DigitalJournal]

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