Food Media: From Chutzpah To Mein Kampf

  • "One of the most accomplished, respected, and charismatic chefs in the

    world." Of course you've probably guessed that we are speaking of

    Miami's own Adrianne Calvo, 24-year old chef/owner of Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant & Wine Bar. What's that? Never heard of her? Well if you've got $91.99 to shell out, you can go here and purchase Adrianne's autobiography Driven by Flavor, Fueled by Fire -- sequel to her first autobiography, Driven by Ambition, Fueled by Chutzpah.

  • I

    miss Enrique Fernandez of The Miami Herald. He needed a little more

    seasoning in the fine dining arena, but his personal writing style was

    unique, and he was great at covering ethnic joints.

  • On the other hand, because of an obsequiousness with the packaged

    products of agribusiness (you know, like all that stuff with salmonella

    peanut butter in it), The Miami Herald's weekly Food & Nutrition section is to nurturing one's health what Mein Kampf was to nurturing Judaism.

  • Blog favorites: MenuPages South Florida is the place to go for menus (duh), and its' MenuPages South Florida Blog

    covers a wide array of the very latest local, national and world food,

    beverage and restaurant news -- with lotsa links to cool stories. And

    the small but articulate cadre of Miami foodies who contribute to the Florida Chowhound board possess

    a strong knowledge of food, wine, and restaurants; discussions here are

    congenial in tone and nearly always informative.

  • Then again, Jacob Katel's Behind The Line slideshows give Short Order a depth the rest of the food blogs just don't have. And of course I say this objectively.

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