Food & Wine Magazine: Lazy and Anti-Hispanic? (Updated)

This year's winners for Food & Wine magazine's best new chefs are out and the choices are an outrage. Not only did Miami get screwed again, but the absence of Hispanics in this respected mag's list is apparent and ugly.

The issue names ten new chefs from across the country as tops. They hail from Oregon, L.A., and Ohio. There's even a woman from New York, Missy Robbins.

But there are no Hispanics. Not one. And worse, I reviewed all the winners since 2000, and there ain't one with a Hispanic name.

And there's nobody from Miami. Look at the background and you'll see that Florida has not been a favorite for these alleged epicures. The only one named from here since 2004 is Michael Psilakis of Eos (a genius, it's true). But at the time, he wasn't even based here.

Could it be these people never make it to America's Southeast corner? Could it be they just don't like people who speak Spanish?

Doug Rodriguez, after all, is arguably one the best chefs in America. Michelle Bernstein also is among the top toques. Marc Vidal and Carmen Gonzalez are amazing. And Elida Villaroel is deserving. That's just a few who immediately come to mind.

I put in a call and email to Food & Wine executive editor Dana Cowin. I will post the answer when I receive one.

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