Florida Tomato Freeze, Tomato Price Hike, A Dr. Evil Scheme

The great tomato price hike of 2010 is the direct result of the great Florida tomato freeze. But who is behind the freeze, and who stands to profit from it? Dr Evil, that's who.

By the time you read this message, tomato prices may already be at 100 billion dollars. Be aware.

You may also be interested to know these tomato facts:

  • Florida is the number one source for America's tomatoes in the winter months. [KDKA]
  • Up to 70 percent of Florida's tomato crops were lost due to freezing in January. [MiamiHerald]
  • Fast food chains are now rationing their tomatoes due to limited supply. [spokesman]
  • An Immokalee farmer watched $10,000 per acre ruined by cold weather. [NaplesNews]
  • Mexican wholesalers benefit from the Florida tomato freeze. [AZstarnet]
  • As storage-tomatoes run out, the real fallout from crop loss starts. [AtlanticCity]
  • If you want a slice of tomato on your sandwich at Wendy's you now have to ask for it. [ABC4]

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