Florida International University's Hurricane Cookbook Keeps You Nutritious During and After a Natural Disaster

Say a hurricane smashes Miami and leaves you without power. Are you gonna get stuck eating nachos for weeks til FPL hooks you up, or are you going to think ahead, go shopping before the storm hits, and buy canned foods and produce items that you can use to make healthy food?

The FIU Department of Dietetics and Nutrition's "Healthy Hurricane/Disaster Cookbook" gives valuable insight on how to maximize nutritional intake after your car gets flipped over, fish end up in your swimming pool, and your neighbor's tree ends up in your bedroom.

The cookbook is split into 4 sections: breakfast, sides, salads, and sandwiches. To say that beans are a major component of the recipes is an understatement. There are more bean dishes in this book than there are broken dishes after a hurricane. Imagine everybody in Miami living on a diet like that. Talk about unleashing an unholy wind.

The other main recipe component is canned seafood. There are recipes with sardines, mackerel, shrimp, tuna, and salmon.

The book was released in 2004, and doesn't seem to have been updated since. Click here to read it online.

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