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Five Winter Beers For Your Christmas Feast

As if there weren't already enough reasons to look forward to the holidays (vacation time; copious amounts of food; presents) - seasonal beers add an extra bit of holiday cheer. (In part thanks to a healthy buzz they inspire, but we digress.)

Since we're such huge beer lovers here at Short Order (did you see the aftermath of our holiday potluck?), we thought we'd pick out a few winter selections for the upcoming festivities. Buy one of each or a whole case. Put 'em under the tree or drink 'em with dinner. They'll add to your seasonal spirit - guaranteed.

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Newcastle Winter IPA
Based on the original IPA recipes of the 1700s, this medium bodied beer is less bitter and more friendly than some of its counterparts. Creamy, with hints of cinnamon and caramel, it might not present like an IPA -- but it is crisp and cheerful. What more do you need for a cold (or hot) winter's night?

Shiner Holiday Cheer
Hailing from the Lone Star state, this beer is made with homegrown peaches and roasted pecans, and peachy it is. Heavy on the fruit with a malty aftertaste, it's not your typical winter beer. But it sure is cheerful.

Smuttynose Winter Ale
This New Hampshire-based brewery rolls out this rich, fruity beer annually. Brewed with a rare Trappist ale yeast, this chocolatey brew is reminiscent of sweet, dark fruits. Think prunes and dates. Score some for a cozy night in.

Rogue's Santa's Private Reserve
In addition to being so dang adorable, this double-hopped red ale has a strong, piney appeal. Apparently the big man likes his beer hoppy, citrusy and bitter, to boot.

Blue Point Winter Ale
This Long Island-born amber ale is made with the following malts: pale Vienna, crystal and chocolate. The combo creates a hearty, caramel taste. It offers 7% ABV, so it packs a little more of a punch than some of its brethren. Perfect for that winter chill (from the AC, natch).

Most of the above beers were purchased at Stop N Shop, ;5885 Ponce de Leon Blvd in Coral Gables. Other fine beer retailers are listed below. Tis the season to be merry, so get to drinking already.

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