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Five Sexy Beers for Valentine's Day: From Vixen to Little Sumpin'

As much as we love canoodling and chocolate, Valentine's Day isn't complete without beer goggles. So this year, why not make with the brews and add some modern sex appeal to your celebration?

From chilies to chocolates, craft brewers have concocted all sorts of creations that are sure to up your mojo, at least momentarily.

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5. The Vixen by Sam Adams
Everyone loves a saucy vixen. This dark, rich and slightly spicy brew includes the likes of chocolate, cinnamon and chilies, so it's sure to spice things up at the table or in the bedroom.

4. Chocolate Stout by Rogue
Just like love, this hefty American stout is both bitter and sweet. Oatey, malty and thick, it's all kinds of chocolatey - so you can skip dessert.

3. Little Sumpin Sumpin by Lagunitas Brewing Company
A fruity addition to your little lovefest, this IPA-style beer is a bitter citrus treat. Airy and refreshing, it'll leave you light on your feet for any post-drinking physicality.

2. Cuvée Van De Keizer Blauw
Valentine's Day is always better with a boozy mood-boost, and this 11% ABV Belgian ale will bring it. Dark, fruity and sweet makes for a sexy trifecta.

1. Sexual Chocolate by Foothills Brewing Co.
In addition to having a fabulous moniker (which calls to mind visions of Soul-Glo and Arsenio Hall in drag), this smokey beer is heavy on the caramel, molasses and dark chocolate. Did we mention that it's aged in Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels? Hence why it's not always easy to get - but so worth it. This year's release date, February 2.

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