Five New Year's Resolutions for Miami Food

It's that time of year again. You're considering Crossfit and the Master Cleanse as part of your New Year's resolution, and you're certainly not alone. Miami's food scene should be making promises, as well.

The city could use a couple of things. Here are just five of 'em.

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1. We need good European-style bakeries.

Miami makes a helluva pastelito de guayaba, but we sure suck at lemon tarts, croissants, and layer cakes. In the last few years, we got two vegan bakeries: Bunnie Cakes and the House of V. And yes, we also got True Loaf in Sunset Harbour. (But come on, who can afford a $12 olive loaf?) We've got Zak the Baker's bread, which is a revelation. But his bakery is still in the works. It's not too much to ask. All we need is a storefront, a place where we can score crusty sourdough bread, fresh fruit tarts, and delectable pastries.

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2. Miami, why don't you have more Indian food?

This isn't a new problem. The Magic City has been lacking Indian food for years. But we're also missing out on other cuisines, like Ethiopian. Miami could also use more Korean joints, too. (Gabose, we're talking to you.)

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3. The Magic City needs better farmers' markets.

If you're a regular at Miami farmers' markets, then you know how difficult it is to find local produce here. Some markets run year-round, even though vegetables are primarily harvested in the winter. Others peddle incense and soaps, not fruits and greens. Sure, there are exceptions: Bee Heaven Farm and Little River Market Garden can be found at Pinecrest and the Upper East Side, respectively, on the weekends. But that's about it.

It's all part of an even bigger problem: Where the heck can you get affordable, organic produce in this town?

4. We need more specialty food shops.

Miami lacks locally-owned food shops, little boutiques that specialize in one thing like bread bakeries or pastry shops. Right now, we have one or two small wine stores and butcher shops, but we could really use more. Think cheese, tea, spice, or even craft beer stores.

5. Someone open a vegetarian restaurant! Please?

A vegetarian restaurant would be a great. A vegan restaurant? That could be interesting, too. If anything, it would be great to have a vegetable-oriented place, the kind of restaurant where bacon steps aside and lets Brussels sprouts be the star. We have a couple of casual joints, but what we lack is a chef-run vegetable-centric place.

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