Five Sandwich Stories to Satisfy Your Cravings
Hank & Harry's

Five Sandwich Stories to Satisfy Your Cravings

The sandwich is the most creative of meals. An empty canvas of two pieces of bread (or cookies or lettuce or a roll) is there for the artist to draw his or her masterpiece. The only limitations are the chef's mind and the size of the mouth for which the dish is intended.

That could be why the sandwich has stood the test of time. Whether it be in the form of a breakfast offering, a burger, or a frozen treat, the sandwich is universally loved. Here are five stories to sate your sammie cravings.
Luke's Lobster Opens in Brickell City Centre
Luke's Lobster has sailed into Miami and is officially open for business at Brickell City Centre. What began as a pint-size shop in Manhattan's East Village in 2009 has grown to include locations in Washington, D.C.; Boston; Philadelphia; and even Tokyo. Luke's signature item is the Maine lobster roll, which has been ranked among the best by outlets such as Thrillist, Time Out, CBS, and the Wall Street Journal.

Five Sandwich Stories to Satisfy Your Cravings
Hank & Harry's

Hank & Harry's Returns a Proper Pastrami on Rye to Miami Beach
Years ago, Miami Beach reigned as South Florida's deli capital. Places such as Wolfie Cohen's, Pumperniks, and Juniors served traditional deli-style meals like corned beef on rye bread and bowls of warm matzoh ball soup to thousands of customers. But as Miami's Jewish population moved north, most establishments shuttered.

The Dough Boy, a homemade doughnut breakfast sandwich, draws crowds.EXPAND
The Dough Boy, a homemade doughnut breakfast sandwich, draws crowds.
Photo by Alona Abbady Martinez

Bake Shack's Doughnut Breakfast Sandwich Is Worth the Trip
While people line up for hours at trending places such as the Salty Donut and Mojo Donuts, Bake Shack (238 S. Federal Hwy., Dania Beach) has been quietly garnering a steady fan base. The little 22-seat eatery serves breakfast and lunch, but the specialties of the house are the doughnuts, made daily by owner/baker Keith Freiman.

Five Sandwich Stories to Satisfy Your Cravings
Courtesy CREAM

CREAM Handcrafted Ice-Cream Sandwiches Opens Second Florida Location
CREAM, which stands for “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me,” has opened its second South Florida location, in Weston at 4448 Weston Rd. CREAM, based in Berkeley, California, figures everyone loves warm homemade cookies and premium ice cream, so why not offer them together in one jumbo sandwich?
Discos Voladores: An American-Made Kitchen Tool Becomes a Beloved Cuban Sandwich Maker
The medianoche. The Elena Ruz. The frita cubana. All iconic sandwiches that are as woven into the fabric of Cuban life as coffee and mambo. And though there's a never-ending procession of travel shows and blogs dedicated to the panoply of portable Cuban culinary ingenuity, there's one they all forget: The disco volador, known in English as the flying saucer.

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