Five Best Places in Miami for Valentine's Day Sweets

We get it. Valentine's Day is a contentious holiday. While some see it as the perfect opportunity to show their affection, for others it's simply consumerism masquerading as romance.

If you belong to the latter group, we suggest you pause for a second and think of February 14 as a day where it's acceptable, nay -- encouraged, to indulge in the most decadent sweets. And voilà -- suddenly it's a day worth looking forward to. Yes, the forces of consumption are still at play, but does it really matter when something tastes that delicious?

So whether you're romantically involved or single, a cynic or a believer, Short Order has curated a list of five spots to buy festive treats for Valentine's Day. Go ahead, enjoy; we dare you.

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Valeria Nekhim was born in the Ukraine and raised in Montreal. She has lived in Manhattan and Miami. Her favorite part of food writing is learning the stories of chefs and restaurateurs.