Chocolate pecan pie
Chocolate pecan pie
Photo courtesy of Fireman Derek's Bake Shop

Five Amazing Miami Foods Delivered to Your Door

Miami is one of the best cities for going out. Palm trees, neon lights, and hot clubs just scream to be explored.

But sometimes, all the fun and excitement get to be too much, and you just want to Netflix and chill. Whether you're hung-over, have the flu, or simply want to be alone with your cat, it's all good. Let Miami's eats come to you. Here are five ways to get the 305's best delivered to your door.

Five Amazing Miami Foods Delivered to Your Door
Courtesy MdoughW

MdoughW Launches on UberEats With Knaus Berry Farm Collab
Miami-based dessert business MdoughW, known for freshly baked cookie cups and a wildly popular Instagram feed, is now available for the first time on UberEats. That's worth celebrating. How does a sticky doughie sound?

Five Amazing Miami Foods Delivered to Your Door
Courtesy of Amazon

AmazonFresh Delivers Panther Coffee, Fireman Derek's Pies, and More to Your Door
Here's the deal: You're having some friends over and want to pick up a few items, like some java from Panther Coffee, quiche from Buena Vista Deli, and dessert from Fireman Derek's. You could run around all over Miami to procure these items, or you could simply order them from AmazonFresh and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Five Amazing Miami Foods Delivered to Your Door
Courtesy Casa Gioia

Casa Gioia Delivers Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies and More
When Mari Rubio began culinary school at Johnson & Wales in 2009, she "hated pastry." Eight years later, Rubio, who now owns a dessert business, makes the most indulgent cookie in town. Her Casa Gioia's chocolate chip cookie, infused with Nutella, is packed with sweet flavors and balances a soft center with a crisp, golden-brown exterior. Delivered to your doorstep, Rubio's cookies miraculously maintain freshness (including that doughy center) for nearly a week without preservatives.

Five Amazing Miami Foods Delivered to Your Door
Kristin Bjornsen

Honeybee Doughnuts Launches Late-Night Delivery
If you're in the mood for doughnuts and warm milk, you're in luck. Honeybee, a craft doughnut shop in South Miami, has launched Doughnuts After Dark, a nighttime doughnut-delivery operation. Every Thursday through Sunday, the shop will open for delivery service from 8 p.m. until midnight.

Instacart Adds Publix to Its Miami Delivery Service
For about a year, Instacart has changed the way busy (or lazy) Miamians have shopped at Whole Foods Market, Total Wine, Winn-Dixie, Costco, and Petco by delivering groceries to our doors in about an hour. Now the delivery service has added South Florida's favorite place in the world to its roster: Publix.

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