FIU's Own Prof. Gump Teaches Wine to Chinese

Barry Gump is a wine EXPERT. He spent 30 years as a chemistry and enology (basically wineology) professor at California State University but now teaches as the "Harvey R. Chaplin Eminent Scholar's Chair in Beverage Management at Florida International University's School of Hospitality and Tourism Management."

He's curently teaching a three-week course at FIU's campus in China. Campus in China? Yeah, that's right, FIU has its own School of Hospitality and Tourism Management program at Tianjin University. The 23-acre, $55-million campus paid for by the Chinese government wants to teach and train its students in the style of big, Western hotels. 

Gump is teaching the Chinese students about taste, analysis, and appreciation. Tough gig, Barry. He's also blogging about the experience through Fred Tasker at the Herald. His most recent post comes from April 15 and explains how it's normal for "Chinese to take an Americanized nickname when in contact with English-speaking folks. We have students in my wine class with such names as Coke, Misty, Shirley, Julia, and today we met Ringo."

Check out the blog by clicking here.

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