FIU Students Speak Up! Top Five Places to Chow Down

Short Order has friends in all the right places. Florida International University won this year's Best of Miami's Best Food Court, and now we're asking its students tell us where their favorite food spots are.

The categories are as follows: Best Hangout Spot, Hookah & Hookup, Drunk Munchies, Impress a Date, and the all important category of Study but not Really. The students cast their votes and we heard them loud and clear. May we present the top five chow down picks according to the students of FIU.

5. Best Hangout Spot
The S Sports Bar and Grill

Why FIU loves it: Seventy percent of their patrons are FIU students, and the one thing they come here for are the drinks. Most of the bartenders and waiters go to the university too. This means you can talk to that hottie from Chem class and dance cheek to cheek to the loud dance music with the other of twenty-somethings gyrating their school frustrations out on the dance floor.

4. Hookah & Hookup

Why FIU loves it: It has great food and a chill atmosphere. FIU students recommend the falafel sandwich and stuffed grape leaves. They also recommend bringing that certain someone and cozying up with some hookah. The place was recently revamped and the new interior design seems to be drawing in the college crowds.

By Los Perros
Where the party never stops
3. Drunk Munchies
Los Perros

Why FIU loves it:

Students say it's the epitome of late night food and fat-ass eats. They

have empanadas, chorizo, and even quail eggs for those sober enough to

notice. Of course what they're most famous for are their perros, or hot

dogs. These links are juicy and hot. They're also the perfect mouthful

on a tipsy stomach. Los Perros also does us the favor of keeping the

loud club music going with it's lounge like atmosphere. We like this

because instead of jarring up back to sober reality we can wean

ourselves off the nights mistakes nice and easy.

By LostandFound
Cowboys & cowgirls know where to impress their dates
2. Impress a Date
Lost & Found Saloon

Why FIU loves it: Students these days want to treat their dates

to something different. This is a Western Tex-Mex Saloon restaurant, and

you can't get more unique than that. It also doesn't hurt that they

play Animal Collective, and Miami's own Rachel Goodrich. Students and

patrons alike love their vegetarian fare too. This place is a hands down

win in any book.

SpecialTea Facebook Image
We love what you're doing with those teas, keep it up
1. Study But Not Really
SpecialTea Lounge

Why FIU loves it: First off, it's the only tea lounge in Miami,

and second it happens to be five minutes away from the MMC campus. Call it a stroke of genius, but the majority of students who go there call it home. They serve fair trade teas in a comfortable

lounge setting with free Wi-Fi. It's hard to focus on the books when

snacks, board games and artist gatherings are so close at hand.

SpecialTea lounge keeps raking up the accolades and awards, and it's

pretty damn obvious why.

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