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Fins Up! Toast Shark Week With the Sharknado Cocktail

Have you been watching Shark Week? Of course you have!

Discovery Channel's sharkfest is a mix of reality and fantasy featuring sharks in all their bloody, gory best behavior.

It's an obvious guilty pleasure watching these awesome predators jump out of the water to swallow cute, unsuspecting seals whole. Plus, it gives us a little sense of perspective to know that humans aren't always at the top of the food chain!

So far this week, we've seen alien sharks, monster sharks, and a sharknado! But there's more to come!

Tonight, catch the Great White Gauntlet, at 8 p.m., which focuses on divers who hunt for rare abalone...and the great whites who hunt the divers!

Then, watch Shark After Dark at 11 p.m., a live one-hour talk show hosted by comedian Josh Wolf with one main topic: sharks.

While you're at're going to need a drink...and a drinking game.

Luckily, we found a recipe for a Sharknado and a game that goes with it on This new site features lots of cocktail recipes, created and curated by mixologist and The Savory's cocktail editor, Pete Capela, in a clean and interactive format.

Anyway... Sharknado!

The cocktail, which is served in a fish bowl and features swimming sharks, also uses grenadine to simulate blood. We suggest adding your kid sister's Barbie for a super realistic effect!

The Sharknado Cocktail

4 oz. Raspberry Vodka

6 oz. Blue Curacao

2 oz. Cointreau

2 oz. Pineapple Juice

2 oz. Grenadine


Goldfish bowl

Three plastic toy sharks

Fill a medium-sized, clean and unused fishbowl with all ingredients except grenadine. Add ice and fill the bowl an inch below the top with Sprite. Garnish with three plastic shark toys.

Whenever something epic happens involving sharks and/or sharknados, take your bar spoon and stir drink vigorously into a tornado-like pattern. Slowly pour in grenadine for blood effect and immediately drink (with a straw so you do not swallow the shark toys). Repeat as necessary.

Here's the Hoff singing about sharks. Now that's scary.

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