Find Love at $20 Whole Foods Pinecrest Dinner

Whole Foods is known for many things -- clean eating, high prices, and as the number one place to look for love. So for date night tonight, look no further than Table Manners: Supper Club for a Cause in Whole Foods Pinecrest. Not only will you be contributing to a good cause and eating dinner for quite possibly the least amount of money you'll ever shell out at Whole Foods, but there's a chance you'll meet someone who shares the same love of greens as you at this communal family-style dinner.

In honor of earth month, tonight's Table Manner's dinner follows the theme of eating seasonally. All dish options are environmentally sustainable and made using ingredients currently in season and flourishing. With two seating times (6 & 7:30 p.m.), there's no excuse as to why you can't make it.

We talked to Alina Roche, marketing team leader about the monthly installment that's just $20 a pop.

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The five-course dinner consists of classic Caesar salad, seared Paiched with fresh mango salsa, shrimp alfredo pasta, grilled asparagus with lemon oil and strawberry cheesecake.

New Times: How did the table manners supper club begin? What installment is this?

Alina Roche: Our Table Manners Supper Club began last month (March), this is our second installment. We plan to do them monthly. We came up with the idea for the supper club when we were brainstorming ideas to raise money for Whole Planet Foundation. We wanted something unique that would bring the community together to share food while raising money for a great cause. Having spent a lot of time in Philadelphia, where price fixed menus are so popular, I knew that we could bring that experience here but add our own twist. Rather than have limited portions served out, we offer family style dishes that allow our guests to indulge as much as they would like.

How does it benefit the cystic fibrosis foundation? Why choose that particular cause?

All the money collected will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which primarily goes to research to find a cure/treatments. We chose them this month because we've worked with them in the past and were really moved by the work they do. We plan on choosing a different non-profit organization each month and would like to focus on local organizations as much as possible.

How did Earth month inspire this month's menu?

With April being Earth Month, we knew we wanted it to be the focus of the menu. Each course has items that are sustainable, local and/or organic, which are all ways to eat more eco-friendly. For example, the main dish is seared Paiche, a sustainably farmed fish from Peru. It's a white fish with very mild flavor so it's something everyone can enjoy.

Sitting at these events are communal. What sort of table manners are expected from attendees?

We really don't expect anything from our attendees aside from them enjoying themselves and leaving satisfied. The communal seating naturally sparks conversation and the passing of food creates that family dinner feel.

What are some simple practices to have better table manners and eat healthier on a regular basis?

More family dinners for starters! We get so busy that it's easy to forget the importance of coming together as a family. Stories are shared, lessons are taught and laughs are had around the dinner table. As far as eating healthier, the simple act of sitting down and having your meal is often overlooked. Meals on the go tend to be the unhealthiest and chances are, if you're busy multitasking, you aren't paying attention to how much or what you're eating.

Table Manners: Supper Club for a Cause is tonight at Whole Foods Pinecrest at 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Registration is highly encouraged as space is limited. To register and reserve a seat online visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/table-manners-supper-club-for-a-cause-for-cystic-fibrosis-foundation-tickets-11149260739#.

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