FDA To Public: Eat Shit!

Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT) has launched a petition drive to ban poultry litter being used as cattle feed. Poultry litter  consists primarily of chicken shit, feathers, spilled feed and bedding material that accumulate on the floors of the buildings that house chickens and turkeys. It can also include stuff like dead rodents, rocks, glass shards, and so forth.

The fraudulent FDA banned poultry litter as feed in 1967, but in 1980 it agreed with the meat industry lobbyists that pumping animals in our food chain with manure and such is just dandy. Sane people, however, can connect the dots and see that eating these crap-fed creatures leads to serious health risks. One can assume the cows aren't too pleased about it either.

FACT's Filthy Feed Campaign aims to stop this outrageous practice and can use your help in doing so. Go here and sign a letter of support. Or else just go on being full of shit.

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