Fast Food Fiascos!

paris-hilton-hamburger2.jpgThe fast food news is as hot and heavy this Monday morning as a Big Mac with a side of fries. In England, the Sunday Sun reports an exploding rat population (there are currently more rats than people living in the Queen's Realm) explained by fast food trash thrown in the street. Rats are becoming not only more populous, but bigger and fatter on a diet of half-eaten Whoppers, chips, and Filet o' Fish sandwiches, just like the people who are buying them dinner. Time for the British public health service to invest in a few million exercise wheels?


A certain rapper formerly known as 79 Cent wasn't amused when an open letter published by Taco Bell asked the famously pugnacious performer to consider changing his name for the day (with proceeds to go to charity). Cent sued the enchilada-slinging franchiser - and now they're suing the wangsta gangsta right back. Somebody's money come in lumps.


A McDonald's franchise in Fayetteville, Arkansas is being sued for $3 million in damages by a guy named Philip Sherman who accidentally left his cell phone in the store. Seems the phone contained photos of Mr. Brainiac's wife quite entirely and completely naked, and some joker at the franchise uploaded the pix to the internet. Sherman contends the money will remunerate the pain and embarrassment he's suffered and the COST OF RELOCATING TO A NEW HOME????, but my guess is it will just about cover the divorce suit Mrs. Sherman is going to slap on her fucktard of a husband. But who knows, maybe the whole fiasco will lead to a lucrative ad deal for the lady, like the one Paris Hilton scooped up from Carl's Jr. to sell burgers. Happy Monday!

-- Gail Shepherd

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