Don't take food out of their mouths.
Don't take food out of their mouths.
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Farm Share, Food Charity, Faces Closure Due To County Budget Axe

What happens when a government starves its people? Dade County will find out the hard way if it axes Farm Share from its budget as proposals suggest.

Farm Share is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that provides food directly to at least 6,500 Miami-Dade families a month.

They also supply 250 agencies using volunteer and inmate labor to distribute food donations from local farms, USDA commodities and other sources.

Their mission's focus is the distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables, as opposed to the canned offerings of most other organizations. Furthermore, these items move through a sophisticated distribution network that operates locally, and statewide. The county will literally take food out of the mouths of working class families, kids, and the elderly all over Florida if they decide to eliminate funding for Farm Share.

Demand a conscientious local government. Call Commissioner Joe Martinez, who has vowed to fight for the program, at 305-575-5511 and tell him it's important to you. Or email his office at

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