Farm-Fresh Eggs, Stone Crabs, and Fruit at Collins Park Green Market

Green markets are all the rage in Miami, and the latest one from the Market Company is a tiny representation of local commerce at work. While the Market Company puts on much larger outdoor gatherings (including nearby on Lincoln Road), the Collins Park Sunday Market is cozy and functional. Yesterday, I stopped by my neighborhood souk, on 22nd and Collins Avenue, to check out the scene. Although the weather was overcast and damp (the market has been beset by bad weather in its first five weeks), there were 20 people perusing the various wares.

Of the eight or so vendors on hand, only two were selling produce. The first, and larger stand, had fruit and veggies from all over the world, such as bananas from Costa Rica. Locally, all of the citrus was from Florida. Across the way, though, the produce was exclusively from Homestead, with an added bonus of farm fresh eggs.

Other foodie options included pastries from Le Petit Pain. This French bakery hails from Lantana and featured cookies, chocolate crepes, broccoli and cheddar croissants, spinach croissants, and plain croissants. There was also a lady selling fruit and veggie kebabs, although she wouldn't let me take pictures of her stand, nor was she interested in being interviewed for this post. Each kebab was $5. Friendlier were the Emerson Stone Crabs folks, who were selling the crustaceans for $20 each. (They also had lobster tails for $9.50.) Clearly, this is a better deal than Joe's Stone Crab. They'll also crack them for you.

There is also a weekly food demonstration from area chefs. Yesterday, Andrea Curto-Randazzo (of Talula) prepared strawberry bars and mango cupcakes. Next Sunday, Books & Books' head toque, Bernard Matz, will demonstrate how to make salsa for the Super Bowl. Because next Sunday is the big game, 30 vendors from the neighboring Lincoln Road Green Market will migrate to Collins Park (across the street from the W South Beach) for a supersize shopping experience.


Collins Park Sunday Market
22nd Street and Collins Avenue
Sundays 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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