Fado Settles Irish Roots in Mary Brickell Village

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It's not FA-doh or FAH-doh or Fido or Mofo. . . it's spelled Fado but pronounced F'doe, which in Irish means "long ago" and in Miami means a huge, sports-oriented, neo-Irish pub that was designed and built across the pond and then trucked over to Mary Brickell Village and assembled.

The local Fado is the 14th for the nationwide chain, and boasts five separate rooms for five different phases of pub crawling: the Victorian Long Hall, the Shop, the contemporary pub, the Cottage and the Snugs. Oh, and there's also the indoor-outdoor deck, which in English means the indoor-outdoor deck.

Fado's menu features such traditional Irish fare as red pepper hummus, fish tacos, roasted turkey panini and Philly-style cheesesteak, as well as shepherd's pie, fish 'n' chips, corned beef 'n' cabbage, and bangers 'n' mash, the last of which in English means, "I think I'll have the burger."

Oh, and one more thing, just so you know. . . If you hear someone bragging about the quality of Fado's crack, don't reach for the glass pipe. It's spelled "craic," which in Irish means food, booze and generally having a good old time. If you want that other stuff, you're on your own.

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Bill Citara