Extravagant Miami Dinner Dates Guaranteed to Get You Laid

​For all you Miami ballers out there, consider this your guide to Miami's most extravagant food dates that are guaranteed to have a happy ending. We've got boats, cars, mansions, and of course killer food, the four necessary ingredients for the perfect pimp-tastic evening. If Jay-Z wrote a manual to Miami dating, this would be it. Without further ado, let the incredibly expensive games begin:

1. Rent out the Versace mansion for a weekend
The former Versace mansion, now known as the Villa by Barton G., is a tricked-out hotel and restaurant dripping in the excessive opulence for which Versace (along with Barton G) is known.

The entire villa will be yours for the weekend, including the restaurant and its chef, a personal butler, and the Thousand Mosaic Pool, perfect for some incredibly classy skinny-dipping. After taking full advantage of the grounds, retire to your choice of ten Italian-marble covered guest rooms. Liberace approved.

Cost: Varies greatly depending on time of year, but if you have to ask, it's probably way too much.

2. Buy out Naoe
There's nothing that gets Miami ladies excited faster that great sushi. So, as they say, go big or go home. If you buy out Naoe in Sunny Isles Beach for the night, you'll have Miami's best sushi chef at your disposal, preparing you aphrodisiac-laden bites until you burst.

You'll drink plenty of the house sake, brewed at Nakamura Brewery in Japan, which just happens to be owned by chef Kevin Cory's family. At this point you'll clearly be in no condition to drive home, so hop into your chauffeured Bentley and head to your two-bedroom, 2,400-square-foot penthouse at the Fontainebleau.

Cost: $1,500 plus tax and gratuity to rent out Naoe, plus $2,100 for a one-night stay in the presidential suite and $1,500 for the Bentley (five hours minimum at $250 an hour, plus 20 percent tip).

3. Have Dwyane Wade's personal chef cook you dinner on a yacht
Sure, D-Wade took a $2 million pay cut to get LeBron to Miami, but at $14 mil last year, he can certainly afford the best of the best. His personal chef since 2005, chef Richard Ingraham has been keeping Dwyane in peak form and making sure he doesn't ever have to lift a spatula.

You'll enjoy a three-course meal of Chef Ingraham's haute-Southern cuisine -- including crispy grits with spicy curry emulsion, and apple-scented crabcakes with ginger-vanilla vinaigrette -- while cruising the coast of South Beach on a private yacht. Pop a bottle of champagne and revel in your own awesomeness while you head to the Delano, where you'll retire to your poolside duplex bungalow. Big pimpin' indeed.

Cost: $600 for dinner for two, plus $2,780 for four hours for yacht rental from Water Fantaseas, and $1,795 for a one-night stay in a duplex bungalow.

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