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Explore Homestead With Locavore Field Trip

If you're a dedicated foodie, you probably know the best spots for hand-crafted cocktails, fresh-baked bread, and locally picked produce -- at least within a six-block radius of your residence. But what about the rest of the region? What do you really know about South Florida's food industry and how it works?

The folks at WhereBy.Us are hosting a Homestead field trip and bus tour as part of their New Tropic project, designed to help Miamians gain a little more insight into their area. Attendees will get to pop into a fish farm, an orchid nursery, and a tropical fruit forest, as well as dig into a barbecue lunch.

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"We're building awesome local experiences for Miamians to explore different pockets and hidden corners and characters of Miami," explains Christopher Sopher of WhereBy.Us.

The idea is to give people a more in-depth view of industries and businesses they may know very little about. Homestead, though a popular spot thanks to Robert Is Here and Knaus Berry Farm, remains an area many Miamians aren't particularly familiar with.

This trip, on what Sopher calls a "magic school bus," will showcase three spots: R.F. Orchid Farm, the Fruit & Spice Park, and the family-run Andres Fish Farm. There will be mango tasting, orchid admiring, and even a lunchtime barbecue (with beer!). Private tours of the facilities will give attendees an insider's view of the different industries.

"We're going to be introducing people to these kinds of cool, family-run parks and local things. We'll be looking at the machinery behind it -- not just a pass-through walk," Sopher says.

And not to worry -- even the bus ride won't be boring. "We'll have stuff going on during the transit time; we'll be going over the history of the agricultural industry," Sopher explains.

There might even be sing-alongs, so leave your self-consciousness at home.

The tour leaves downtown Miami at 11 a.m. Saturday, January 31, and returns at 6 p.m. Use the discount code HOMESTEAD5 to get $5 off the $55 ticket price. For more details and to purchase tickets, visit thenewtropic.com.

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