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ESPN Films Premieres The U and Chef Bullfrog's Gastropod is at Lyric Theater, Overtown

It's all about The U. It's a Canes thing. Miami loved the Hurricanes more than the Dolphins. Sloppy Jose, glass bottle Coke.

Miami's own Billy Corben, from Dade County's own Cocaine Cowboy producing Rakontur, premiered his new ESPN Films commissioned The U about the University of Miami Hurricane football teams of the late 80's and early 90's last night at Overtown's Historic Lyric Theater.

Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog and his Gastropod were there serving gourmet truck food out of his old Airstream trailer to a crowd whose general consensus rang out "Damn. That's good."

Billy Corben even acknowledged the Bullfrog in his introduction of the movie to a select invite-only audience of former players, sports photographers, club promoters, friends, family, and the infamous Uncle Luke Skywalker, formerly of 2 Live Crew. "I hope you enjoy this extended cut of the movie, I'll be outside getting something to eat at the GastroPod," said Corben.

Here are some more pictures.

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