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Erotic Art and Kid Waiters at Sweet Times Gourmet & Cafe

On a cool, recent night, my

sweet tooth took me to Midtown's Sweet Times Gourmet & Cafe. It was a weird combination. A cafe and bakery was in back and a sushi bar was located in the front of the restaurant, Sorry, but I don't much like dessert-sushi fusion concepts.

So I bypassed the sushi and peeked in the

case at the baked goods. There were a few appealing options, such as

the lava cake. I chose to sample the mango mousse. But there were no prices listed. After ordering two hot teas over the counter, and

then took our seats.

A pint-sized server in an apron, too young to have ever wielded a razor blade, brought our hot pot of tea, two tea

bags, and cups over with careful precision. And as he walked away,

he seemed to cover his eyes in order not to see the semi-nude and

homoerotic artwork on the walls.

The mango mousse, with guava layer, was

smooth and had a light cheesecake-like consistency. The slices of

mango served as both a garnish and nice touch. A guava drizzle and

powdered sugar topped the mousse.

And then the bill came. The mango

mousse ended up being $6 and the teas $3 each. Price gouging is what

it is. With tax and tip, $15 for dessert for two. At the top of the

receipt, the heading read "16 Fifty Restaurant at the Albion."

If I were Sweet Times, I'd try to find my identity as soon as


Sweet Times Gourmet & Cafe
3451 NE First Ave., Suite 104, Miami

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John Zur