Enrique Iglesias Wants to Do Rum Shots With You

This is something we can personally attest to.

Enrique Iglesias wants to do shots with you onstage this weekend at his August 31 concert with Jennifer Lopez.

This might ruin our credibility, but in past Enrique concerts (yes, plural), we've witnessed him pulling overmade, hormonal, and screaming fans (some not female) to the stage to have a seat with him and his band and throw a few back.

You could be the next overmade, hormonal, screaming fan to get this opportunity.

You see, he co-owns Atlantico Rum and, ever the busy bee that he is, promotes the Dominican sugarcane spirit everywhere he goes.

Atlantico's website describes the rum as "carefully created to reflect the heritage and craftsmanship of centuries of rum masters. Winner of countless awards and widely considered one of the finest rums in the world, it is a blend of small-batched rums aged up to 25 years. Simply pour it into glass and experience it on its own."

That's quite the mouthful, but hey, with good ol' Captain Morgan being watered down by the bottle, it's about time we find a new go-to rum anyhow.

"I am so excited to be spending this summer on the road," Iglesias says in a very celebrity-endorsement-esque press release. "There's no better feeling than being out on stage in front of my fans. And this time I'm bringing Atlantico rum with me."

It does make us curious to know which spirits he took to his last few concerts we've attended. Because the man has always done shots onstage. Or maybe we should just say what's on everyone's mind: He's sexy and sings catchy, Miami-friendly tunes, but does that mean it's OK he's out there promoting rum? Why couldn't he just do a line of clothing or a fragrance like every other celebrity?

We urge you to take a look at Atlantico's website and notice the entire tab (which has absolutely nothing to do with the rum itself) dedicated to the celebrity owner's tour dates and fan photos.

This weekend's concert will feature an Atlantico-sponsored VIP afterparty, so if you do attend, please return with stories of celebrity-endorsement hilarity.

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