Emerge Miami: This Year It's Bikes and Ice Cream

​For the second year in a row, Emerge Miami is taking sweet-toothed cyclists on a saccharine joy ride. On Saturday, July 9th, the 2nd Sweet Treats Ride will take off from the Omni Metro-Mover Station at 10 a.m., stopping at several sweet shops between the Design District and South Beach through 1 p.m.

After hosting two other foodie excursions, January's Food Truck Frenzy and February's Tour de Taco, Emerge is taking on summer treats.

Organizer Stephanie Cornejo said after experiencing the heat at last year's event through Coral Gables and Coconut Grove, she chose to make this summer all about ice cream.

The first stop will be Feverish Miami's ice cream cart, followed by a bakery break at Buena Vista Deli, and then it's back to ice cream at The Frieze. Vegan options will be available at two of the stops, and Cornejo hopes to add a third ice cream shop to the list soon.

In the future, Emerge plans another food truck ride, as well as a "Veg Out Tour" highlighting local vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

"I really wanted to encourage people eating within two miles of where they're living to bike to where they eat, and hilight Miami's local restaurants," Cornejo said. "The group ride also encourages people to feel safer on the road."

July's slow-paced stroll through candy lane is open to bikers of all levels. Participants only need to bring around $10 to $14 for food, sun screen, water, and, c'mon people, wear your helmets.

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Alexandra Leon
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