Editor's Note: Jacques Pépin Post

Earlier today, freelancer writer Riki Altman posted an emailed Q&A she did with chef Jacques Pépin. What was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek interview was blown way out of proportion. Pépin answer that he had "hooked up" with 10,000 people he had previously worked with read as an obvious misunderstanding or joke, so the copy was left intact.

However, Pépin expressed that he felt mislead by our questions because of the phrase "hooked up." It wasn't our intention to mislead him but the questions were emailed to his publicist who in turn had a chance to look over them before sending it back our way. Honest mistake perhaps.

Other commenters expressed anger as well, but where the line is drawn is threatening physical harm to our writers. Our reaction is to remove the offending post and notify the proper authorities of the threat. It's definitely something we do not tolerate at all and are saddened that this has taken such an ugly turn.

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