Edible Holiday Decorations

The holidays are here and what better excuse for some additional overindulgence than some edible decorations. We've picked five of our favorites, some more delicious than others....

Edible Wreath

Martha Stewart watch out - this labor intensive brussel sprout wreath is sure to impress guests. But we think the best part is when you take it down and throw it in the pan with some butter and bacon. Go to Apartment Therapy for  step-by-step assembly instructions.

Candy Cones

Candy canes and ice cream cones. All we need is syrup, and Buddy the Elf will come running. These elaborate candy cones from Cerise Pink are also a good way to keep leftovers for Santa.

Dried Fruit

It wouldn't be Florida without some citrus. We tried hanging whole fruit on the tree, but it toppled over. These dried slices add color and holiday scent to your house. For instructions, go to Hack a Life.

Christmas Cookie Ornament

If you are feeling ambitious, these cookies are just the thing. For the recipe and instruction go to Cake Journal . Your guests will love them. But don't freak out if they are all gone before dinner. You can always string up some popcorn instead....live and learn.

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