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Edge Steak and Bar Holds Monthly Pop-Up Cooking Classes

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Guests are welcomed on the terrace at Edge with a cocktail and charcuterie. Think of it as homeroom the first day of school. Everyone works to introduce themselves and mingle before they have to get to class -- with a drink in hand.

The day we attended a cooking class, the setting was on the patio in front of the herb garden. Each class will take place in a different part of the hotel. Your class might be in the kitchen or on the terrace.

Students get their own workstation (including knives and cutting boards) and are served red or white wine immediately upon entering class. Best day of school EVER.

Each class was originally capped at 18 people. However, our group was a particularly small bunch of just 11, and we thought it was the perfect size for the three chefs to give everyone attention and help. Edge has confirmed that class size will now be capped at 12 people. Yippee!

Our menu was composed of Brooks's Sunday roast, heirloom tomato gazpacho, grilled butternut squash salad, and a caramel apple crumble.

Brooks instructs the students to be nice to their neighbors, chop the tomatos, pick herbs from the garden, taste everything as they work, wash it all down with wine, and so on. During our class, he taught us his secret to trussing a roast -- which is no easy feat, so we won't try to explain.

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