Eats for Under $7: Empanadas in Hollywood

Eating fast and cheap is hard enough, but try adding healthy into the mix and you've got yourself a headache. There's a little shop on Hollywood Boulevard that offers baked empanadas that will fill you up without needing a loan or a personal trainer to alleviate the guilt.

For just $1.95 each, Snax Empanadas & More offers nine different empanadas, including spicy meat, caprese, chicken, spinach alfredo, guava and cheese, and dulce de leche and chocolate. Each empanada is almost the size of a baseball, packed with ingredients, and baked to a golden brown. The meat inside the empanadas is very lean, and not a drop of grease leaks out. There's really something to their tagline: "A healthy choice... good, fast, and fresh".

They also offer a rotating menu of specialty over-sized gourmet empanadas, like a chicken cordon bleu, which run $3.95 and are almost three times the size of the original empanadas. Grand total for three empanadas: $6.25 and a full, happy stomach.

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