Eating House Opens This Weekend

Fans of Eating House should pace themselves on Thanksgiving in order to leave room for the opening of the permanent edition of Eating House, opening the same location as the previous pop-up incarnation.

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There are some key changes to Eating House. The popular pop-up by Georgio Rapicavoli and Alex Cassanova have added a partner, Henry Hane, to the marquee, and the space has been renovated. Menu items have also been given an upgrade, with Eating House favorites being given a more sophisticated touch.

For instance, chicken 'n waffles get upgraded into chicken 'n foie-ffles, and heirloom Homestead tomatoes get a shot of liquid nitrogen-infused coconut milk.

Interior upgrades include an open kitchen, a granite bar with funky barstools, Smoky wood walls in shades of gray, and a wine rack inspired by the addictive video game Tetris. Partners Rapicavoli, Cassanova, and Hane have done the work themselves, allowing the graffiti mural to pop against the neutral tones of the rest of the furnishings.

The restaurant opens for dinner Friday, November 23, with a grand opening Saturday, November 24. Eating House will also open for Wakin-N-Bacon Sunday brunch. Plans are in the works for the restaurant to begin lunch service in the next few months.

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