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Eating House 420 Dinner: Cold Pizza, PB&J Poutine, and Special Brownies (Photos)

Giorgio Rapicavoli's 4:20 Dinner at Eating House has become a ritual for locals who observe pot's unofficial holiday. And at last night's third-annual family-style munchies feast that sold out in record speed, stoners of all ages came together to share their mutual love of food and Mary Jane.

Everyone in the EH crew was donning some type of cannabis apparel, from a "Rolling Stoned" tee to celeste button ups with weed plants on them, they looked the part.
When we asked this guy if he minded appearing in the New Times wearing his personal propaganda his response was "hell no."
Mary Jane territory.
Just like proper smoking etiquette is to puff-puff pass, it's proper 420 Day etiquette to get the f*** up when all your food has been served so the next seating of hungry people can get their grub on. In case you forgot for obvious reasons, friendly reminders were posted on the wall.
High or not, cold pizza is always a good idea. Especially when it isn't really cold pizza and instead it's this gourmet take that put local burrata and charred tomato on buckwheat. Given our current state of mind (and hunger level) we could have had about 10.
Short rib quesadillas were made using Taquiza tortillas and capped (not that kind of capped) with black truffle and corn "truffle"
Before the pb&j poutine we were all thinking we were somehow going to be hungry after this meal, but Rapicavoli sure shut us up with this mountain of sweet potato fries drenched with blueberry jelly and crowned with chunks of pork belly and ground peanut.
Not your average hot dog. Sure, you've got the archetypal beef franks but also foie/pear "relish" and pear mostarda.
Pork wings with — wait for it – cauliflower fried rice, Chinese five spice, and sesame.
You didn't think you were going to get out of this without some donuts did you? In this case, Rapicavoli took his fabled cap'n crunch pancakes and turned them into another one of America's (and stoners everywhere) favorite baked confections.
In case you didn't have enough "special" brownies prior to dinner, this decadent brownie sundae with banana caramel did the job of putting you over the edge.

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