Eat Something French Today to Commemorate Bastille Day, Because You Know They Each Ate a Hot Dog on July Fourth

Ok, well maybe they didn't barbecue out back or light up the city in fireworks on the Fourth of July...  But the people who brought you such culinary classics as Jacques Pépin, Le Cordon Bleu, les poissons, les poissons, he-he-he-ho-ho-ho and les croissants have been celebrating their independence for several hours now, when we were fast asleep.  Now it's our turn to do like the Frenchmen do.  In case you missed the Alliance Francais gig in Little Havana, we've taken the liberty to suggest ten more ways to celebrate the best and worst of France. Bonne chance!

10. BEST: Pay Pascal's on Ponce a visit. You know it's been a while, but they're still rocking it without need for trendiness or fuss.

9. WORST: S'il vous plait... merci... voila! Speak to your server in French.

8. BEST: Have an Iron Chef-style cooking challenge with friends, and make the "secret" ingredient French. I've been invited to participate in one with eggs and vintage champagne. I've decided to make poached eggs with fried shallots and Niman Ranch bacon vinaigrette atop frisee lettuce. It might be fun to have a toast point in there too, if I have time.  Pics to come tomorrow.

7. WORST: Wear a beret.

6. BEST: Have a cafe at an outdoor cafe, and write a short poem or draw the scenery as you people watch.

5. BEST: Visit an outdoor market today, although you may have to fly to France to find one on a Tuesday.

4. BEST: Visit downtown South Miami for a taste of France. Have a croissant or fruit tart (with amazing pastry crust, I might add) from Le Royal French Bakery, one of the best French bakeries in Miami. Or a Crêpe Suzette from La Crêpe Bistro.

3. BEST: Review a French restaurant in the style of Anton Ego from Disney's Ratatouille and post it on your blog. (Did you know that chefs like Anthony Bourdain consulted on the making of this animated feature so that the kitchen and its cast of characters were true to life, down to the very burns on their wrists?)

2. BEST: Make it a Grand Mariner Day instead?

1. WORST: What do you think?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.