Earth Day News: Chick-N-Grill Goes Green In Miami Lakes

 The new Chick-N-Grill in Miami Lakes (15356 NW 79th Ct.) is the first restaurant in Miami to obtain a Green certification. The certifying oganization is the Green Restaurant Association, based in Boston, which advocates for environmental sustainability by promoting eco-friendly food service industry practices.

The landmark will be celebrated on Earth Day -- tomorrow April 22 --  for the restaurant's grand opening with a green ribbon cutting ceremony by Mayor Michael Pizzi.

Chick-N-Grill needed 4 eco-friendly features to get certified Green; they've taken on 17. For example, their cups and eating utensils are made from corn oil, they have an energy-efficient kitchen and bathrooms, and according to The Herald you can place your order from a 42-inch plasma screen. Don't sound so energy efficient to me, but maybe they know something I don't, whatever, plasma is cool anyways.

Chick-N-Grill is a local company. It started as one store in the Gables, with global franchise aspirations. Find out more at  chick-n-grill.com/

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